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Where is the fairness?

This has nothing to do with you or my complexion after giving my collegue some tongue-lashing. Our company had just completed our sports club end-year annual dinner but what gets me riled-up was the way the affair was handled after … Continue reading


Bearing with one another

When friends heard who my travelling companions to Chiang Mai were, they cant believe their ears. Wah! cannot be so cham ah. Look at them(omit the handsome 75 yr. old mat salleh, 46 years in Chiang Mai). Arent they charming … Continue reading

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Sa-wat dee

Expected to be met with “Sa-wat dee” upon my arrival at Chiangmai airport, I got only a firm handshake! So much for brushing up my Thai. Great places, cheap and good food and shopping? no need to say-lah. For those … Continue reading

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Traveller’s quirks

Going on a trip can be a “pane” and “bane” thing, esp. when you have a lingua problem. Some say”you either have it or you dont”. I guess I dont. The last trip to China, I tried to master some … Continue reading

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3’s not a crowd

the 3 pretty ladies found an innovative way to hide themselves from the blazing sun. this picture was taken during my trip with a  group of ladies to road less travelled- Country View and Recreational park in Jeram Besu, Pahang. … Continue reading

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