3’s not a crowd

the 3 pretty ladies found an innovative way to hide jebsu-kpgmau.jpgthemselves from the blazing sun. this picture was taken during my trip with a  group of ladies to road less travelled- Country View and Recreational park in Jeram Besu, Pahang. We were unaware this beautiful place existed in our very own Malaysian soil due to lack of publicity. Activities incl. water rafting( a milder version compared to those who have gone to Kota Kinabalu), jungle tracking, flying fox n abselling, ulu dong waterfall, 4-wheel challenge, visit to the waterfall, Kerling cave, tau fu n groundnut factory….. many more.

website: http://www.crpadventure.com

sorry unable to load more pictures….

About moviemania

Mission work in Kuching, Sarawak & Climbed Bako National Park, seen the largest proboscis Climbed the Great Wall of China & serenaded by Ku Nian along Yangtze River Sailed the River Nile Walked in the footsteps of Jesus, crossed River Jordan into Israel, the Holy Lands Mission work in Talugtug, Philippines Mission work in Toowoomba, Queensland Mission work in Kalaymyo, Myanmar
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6 Responses to 3’s not a crowd

  1. wonda says:

    Interesting ! What is the “tent” – a big towel or blanker? Where did they get thet? BTW, I don’t know why but your coment column is rather blur and small for me to see. Anyway, good post and soon you’ll catch the blogging fever!m

  2. wonda says:

    Julie, by the way, may I link you too please?

  3. Firehorse says:

    Good info, I will definitely keep that place in mind when I go home. I am always looking for places to bring my son. We have already exhausted Penang, guess we should venture out. Only thing with this places is that I am really afraid of the mosquito bites that my son will get. He is very allergic to these bites and his whole arm will swell up like watermelon. One time his bites got infected and he had a high fever because of it. BTW I like your blog, will definitely swing by again.

  4. Judy Leese says:

    You are a very outdoor girl. Three’s definitely not a crowd but I think four might be under that temporary shed. :)) Nice to have fun with friends. Which one’s you?

  5. Yee, Julie says:

    hi wonda, with our size that is one of the personal belongings things they brought along for the trip. yes, please link me….

    Judy, i m the camera lady. sorry to disappoint. Any one has any problem reading my comment column? let me know please. wonda has.

    Firehorse, the place is very well maintained and managed by a chinese couple. Hey, there are fruit trees and vegetable garden just beside the accommodation. No mosqitoes. I think the owner fumigate the place regularly. they even arrange transport upon request.

  6. wonda says:

    I think it must be my English PC. It is playing tricks on me. Maybe it’s going to conk out soon. Tried my hubby’s PC, it was ok. But will check again with his PC.

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