Traveller’s quirks

Going on a trip can be a “pane” and “bane” thing, esp. when you have a lingua problem. Some say”you either have it or you dont”. I guess I dont. The last trip to China, I tried to master some common words. You should hear how  my conversation with the sales staff turned out – like rojak!!!!  mingled with manglish…… After my return, I looked up a centres so I could brush up my pin yin. Cant find time to slot in.  From 8-14 Nov. I will be in Chiangmai and will not be  blogging unless I can get hold of the internet. These are the few words I think will suffice for one who is teruk in her lingua.

 Hello(sa-wat dee)

Thank you(Khorb koon)

Sorry(khor toat)


How are you? (sabai dee mai)

I am fine. (sabai dee)

How much is this?(ra ka thao rai)


this is what i will be doing….

 Looks like fun?……..

About moviemania

Mission work in Kuching, Sarawak & Climbed Bako National Park, seen the largest proboscis Climbed the Great Wall of China & serenaded by Ku Nian along Yangtze River Sailed the River Nile Walked in the footsteps of Jesus, crossed River Jordan into Israel, the Holy Lands Mission work in Talugtug, Philippines Mission work in Toowoomba, Queensland Mission work in Kalaymyo, Myanmar
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4 Responses to Traveller’s quirks

  1. wonda says:

    Wah! You go jet setting everywhere. Hey, take me in your luggage. Could feel myself like one of the spectators in movie screen! 😀 Good job!

  2. Yee, Julie says:

    Welcome on board, wonda. I wonder why my pic….so long

  3. Firehorse says:

    Have a good trip. Looking forward to reading about your adventures when you come back. Don’t fall off elephant???

  4. Judy Leese says:

    Julie, have a great time. The last time I was in Thailand, I only shopped till I dropped….big mistake. Perhap you can entice me to do more in Thailand other than shop. :)) I also see you managed to upload photos now. Big one too!

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