Where is the fairness?

This has nothing to do with you or my complexion after giving my collegue some tongue-lashing. Our company had just completed our sports club end-year annual dinner but what gets me riled-up was the way the affair was handled after more than a decade with this company. I guess this bunch of junior officers who organised it wanted to up their antics with ulterior motive.

1. The bulk of the members were made up of workers and executive staff. This year some smart junior alec decided to show us our differences. Those in Management were  allotted seats, while the rest of the staff gets free seating anywhere but there.
2. The Management gets special welcome gifts in addition to what the rest got but they used the money from the same funds where the members contributed.

Later I protested to the committee.

But when they raised toll-fares , whether you are Management or kuli (worker) , rich or poor they dont differentiate. The same goes for petrol.

Crabtree & Evelyn offers 30% discount to VIPS, 20% for Non VIPS with thier promotion going on for Christmas sale. I will definitely avoid shopping there.

If you buy a house in Malaysia, a 7% discount is given to bumiputras whereas non-bumis get nothing. Should I marry a bumi?

At one time there was a SMS floating around that certain Pizza hut outlets charge non-bumis a Govt. n Service tax. I will stop eating at that outlet.

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4 Responses to Where is the fairness?

  1. alice says:

    Why the double standard? Seems like the rich is getting richer?

  2. Judy Leese says:

    Julie, you work in a Sports Club ah? When I was in Malaysia for a year, 1984, I too worked ina Sports Club…well, an upcoming one. I was invovled with the advertising, sales…..promotion…..don’t know what happened after that. I didn’t stay long enough to see it open. Such is life in the corporate world…..big cat or small cat…..

  3. Yee, Julie says:

    Hi all, i work in a R&D for plantations. But, yes rich is definitely getting richer.

  4. alice says:

    Life is like that, hor. 1st class seats; 2nd class seats. 1st class citizens; 2nd class citizens.

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