For one more day

Mitch Albom’s book “For one more day” is so ordinary (hardcover only available at RM69 but my son bought it, so must be good) that anyone who read it cannot be blamed for thinking “I could write that book”. STOP! dont think further. He has a way with his words, like “The dead sits at our table long before they are gone”. Now that sounds like a ghost story. Reminded me of my grandpa before he passed away. He saw “ho hier ti” meaning those departed  soul of his relatives, ministring to him by his bedsite a few nights before he passed on.

This book begins with  :This is a story about a family…..

Every family has a ghost story…

The young boy, Chuck or Chick was asked to make a choice from young “Are you a mama’s boy or papa’s boy? Quess what he chose? He made a bad choice. For all his guilt, wrong doings and weaknesses he decided to take his own life. Between his touch and go he got one more day to connect with his departed mama…..And that straigtens him up.

The couple over her in Malaysia who decided to end their life and their 3 sons should have read this book. Their 3 sons are dead but they survived and I hope they realise how big a folly they have committed.


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14 Responses to For one more day

  1. Firehorse says:

    This book sounds interesting, will definitely look it up and see if I can get a hold of it. Anyway the true reason why I dropped by was because while visitng Wonda’s blog, I happened to read your comment and was worried about you. Are you Okay now, did they find the reason for the bleeding? Will check back later to see how you are. Take care.

  2. Judy Leese says:

    Hi Julie, I don’t know if this book is my sort of book……but your posting is intriguing. Why did the parents want to take their lives and their three sons’? I will pray for you re your bleeding. Take care.

  3. Yee,Julie says:

    Firehorse, Judy,
    The book is good but price a bit too steep. These days, many parents gamble and owed Ah Longs. When there’s no way out, they think thats the ONLY option.
    As for health, got to go back to my gynae again for next course of action. Thanks and appreciate your continual prayers.

  4. wonda says:

    Never read that book before cos I never liked any ghost stories. Good ending? Have been praying for your healing and wisdom be upon the hands of the gynae who treats you.

  5. Firehorse says:

    Hi, came back second round to let you know that I bought the book. Thanks for the recommendation, looks like a good book to read. Got it for USD12.59, hardcover too, wonder why books are so much more expansive back home. Hope your “next course” with gynae goes well. Will continue to check back to see how you are doing. Take care.

  6. Yee, Julie says:

    Fatty Poh, hope you like the book. The books here are so expensive, wonder how the Govt. here intend to promote reading. I decided to take a rest since this is the festive time and trust in God’s healing hand. Going in and out of the clinic can be quite depressing.

  7. FireHorse says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may the new year bring us all good heath.

  8. Vern says:

    Hi Julie, I’m a follower of Albom’s books – so far there’s three of them. I’ve only read the first two -“Tuesdays with Morrie” and “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” and they’re all really thought-provoking. His idea is so simple yet he makes you think. I haven’t bought the third one – waiting for the paperback version to be out. Heh.

    Merry Christmas.

  9. Yee, Julie says:

    Vern, Wah! no wonder Mitch’s book is always best seller with both of us having his books. I shared the Tuesday with Morrie with some friends and they went out and bought for their relations. Must get commission from Mitch! Merry Christmas to you and family.

  10. Yee, Julie says:

    To all , Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And good health and more blogging. Dont eat until “burp…….

  11. Yee, Julie says:

    dxwan, welcome on board.

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