Going to the movies with 5 good friends

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Going to the movies (vern)is one of my hobbies. My mother used to take me along whenever she goes for the shows during the 50’s & 60’s. Because we can’t afford a TV, those black and white screen, that was the next course of entertainment.

Klang is such a small sleepy town then. It is divided by the famous Double decker bridge linking the Klang South to Klang North. Most of the excitement is found across the bridge. The only cinema this side is Rex cinema. This cinema sits on a small hill slope, just behind the present Jalan India, famous for anything Indian – from clothings to food. And the rich Chertais(money changer) sit in their small cubicle with money changing hands thro’ a pigeon hole. After the show, we stopped by the chinese coffee shop(now better known as Fatty Poh’s kopitiam) to bungkus  dumplings or fried noddles for my siblings.

Across the bridge, we have the Regal theatre. At the other end, we have Cathay cinema where English (John Wayne horse-riding, while drawing his guns like speed of a lightning)and Malay (Hang Tuah who lived during the heyday of the Melaka Sultanate and Hang Jebat ) were played out. We watched the Three muskeeteers “all for one and one for all” remind us of their commitment to a cause. Just behind Cathay cinema we have Capitol and Lido back to back. These two usually have Chinese movies – from producers like Shaw brothers, Run Run Shaw and Run me, protraying those San Ker(moutain songs) shows with the likes of Yeh Fong, Lin Chin Sia, and the famous One-Arm swordman of Ti Lung and  David Chiang

People from the smaller towns like Kapar, Meru, Kuala Selangor and even as far as Banting and Jenjarom travelled to Klang for their shows. Due to great demand, black market was rampant. A normal ticket could go as high as 300% on good shows and during festive seasons. Sometimes these movie mania from outstation had no other choice since most of the tickets have been taken up by these black market peddlars. Money was hard to come by, so what to do. Buy only lah. 

When the lights go out(show over), we have our supper esp. after the midnight shows at the Emporium makan. Wonder (wonda) why we stayed slim and sweet? Without any bus services, we walked where our two companions , Bilboa and Ligdo (my two legs) can take us. Walking across the double-decker bridge with the dirty Klang river flowing under it, is a rare experience if you have not tried it. Never heard of rape, kidnapped or snatch-theft those days.

But sleepy Klang is not what it used to be anymore.  Now we are famous for many things-some not so nice ek. But the aroma of bah kut teh still attracts food lovers….or our famous Seafood in Bagan or Pandamaran.? If you are more adventurous, Pulau Ketam beckons.

About moviemania

Mission work in Kuching, Sarawak & Climbed Bako National Park, seen the largest proboscis Climbed the Great Wall of China & serenaded by Ku Nian along Yangtze River Sailed the River Nile Walked in the footsteps of Jesus, crossed River Jordan into Israel, the Holy Lands Mission work in Talugtug, Philippines Mission work in Toowoomba, Queensland Mission work in Kalaymyo, Myanmar
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24 Responses to Going to the movies with 5 good friends

  1. wonda says:

    Such a nice account of old Klang. I could still remember the time I was drinking from a milk bottle while watching a Lin Dai movie with my mom in a cinema. I think it was Madam White Snake showing at that time. Still got good memory hor. Not MCC lei.

  2. lydiateh says:

    We’ve watched Lin Chin Hsia since our younger days. We grow old but she doesn’t wan. She still looks as young as she did twenty years ago.

  3. Judy Leese says:

    Julie, this is such a fantastic write. I got a bit emotional from nostalgia. Ah, Klang as I remember it. That bridge is great. Upper for cars, buses and lorries and lower for trishaws, cyclists and pedestrians. From the lower bridge, there used to be an open air eating place where we went for satays and also near there is the famous yu-chia-kueh and ham-chim-peng. You won’t believe it but every now and then I dream of these eating stalls (literally in my dreams).
    We love the Indian rojak in the foodstall at Klang Emporium. The nasi lemak opposite Lido was best (the sambal!!).
    Lin Chin Sia, Alan Tang, Chen Chen……they were all my favourite actors even though I did not understand a single word of Mandarin! Bring back the good ole days!

    ALICE, you watched Lin Dai? She was like our mother’s generation wor….I used to watch her movies only because my mother watched it. Hong Po Po, Lam Fong, ….

  4. Judy Leese says:

    Julie, I couldn’t stop thinking about this article you wrote. Had to come back again to reread. Well done. Very creative at the same time giving your readers an insight to Klang in those days. I must copy this for my mum to read.

  5. Vern says:

    oooh… i remember the first time i went to the cinema! with my parents to watch Jurrasic Park! Wah..that time i was a tiny tiny minute ciku that i was so afraid the dinosaurs would jump out of the screen. So all i did like 3 quarters of the movie was to hug my mom and face the audience instead of the screen! Silly right? But I soon became more and more fond of it when my dad would bring me to the old cinema (i think it was called Rex) where we would much ‘kacang putih’ while watching Jackie Chan and his funny antics or Pierce Brosnan as the suave 007 agent.

  6. FireHorse says:

    Julie you got watch Snakeman snake woman show or not? What about Behind the Pearly curtain by Chin Hsiang Lin and Chen Chen? What about Pontianak shows?

  7. Yee, Julie says:

    Hi All, its down memory lane for us, even the young ones like verne (you are young?) can connect. Tks for waking up my memory to some names like Lam Fong, Hong Po Po and Kwan San who always pairs with Lin Dai. The snake show gave me dreams. I dreamt I was
    turned into one eeeeeek.. Ya, the kacang putih man!!!yes, balancing his wooden box on his head. I think I will give a competition soon…and what price shall I give? Let me crack my brain first.

  8. Judy Leese says:

    Aiyoh, Firehorse, thanks for reminding me the name. I was trying to think what the actor’s name was that always paired up with Lin Chin Hsia and Chen Chen. Chin Hsiang Lin….thank you, thank you. How could I forget his name…so handsome wor.
    ‘Chin yeow chien chien chieh’. Heart with a thousand knots….yes?
    We always buy greenspot or magnolia chocolate, icecream, kuachi and pineapple at Regal. Rex is not so high class, so only kuachi and pineapple and kiam kiam….

    Anywhere that we can get all these old movies to watch again?

  9. Vern says:

    come click on the box!!

  10. Kenny Mah says:

    Hi there,

    Dropped by from Tunku Halim’s blog. This is a nice post, if I may say so. My memory of my first film was with my dad at one of the James Bond films (one of Timothy Dalton’s, I believe), where one of the good guys got his lower half chomped off by the villain’s pet shark.

    Or something. Memory is a tricky thing.

    But it must be earlier still, actually. I remember when they used to have outdoor cinema screenings near my taman, B&W Chinese films…

  11. ilene ong says:

    As with Judy, you brought back memories of the good old kind of cinemas. The show I remember most was “The Sound of Music” showing at the Klang Cathay and my grandma would bring me to the Rex cinema to watch Hong Po Po. As we stayed along Jalan Istana, we would just walk safely over to the cinema. I tell you ah, though I was very, very little at that time hor and also not the understanding what the speaking but seeing this Hong Po Po in black and white can really make you cry wan. Her acting “mor tak th’ng”! Klang Emporium where I used to hang out with my school friends just for the ice kacang! slurrrrrrrp!

    Judy and I used to skip lectures just to run off to the cinema at PJ old town to watch Lin Chin Hsia, Chin Hsiang Lin and Chen Chen and then we both end up crying like little children! ahhhhhhh…good old days and good old Klang. What a dramatic face lift Klang has gone through!

    Judy, you wouldn’t recognise Jalan Telok Gadong now and also the Hin Hua school which looks more like a college/uni!

  12. Yee, Julie says:

    Kenny,happy to make your acquaintance. tks for ur good comments. yes, i met u at Tunku’s blog. good to know u write foreign stuff.

    Ilene, you and Judy same gang during college? We all kaki movies. Klang woke up after being duped sleepy for too long. No more the Ah Pek in their old albeit prestigious Mercedes.

  13. ilene ong says:

    JULIE, yep, Judy and I sama sama gang wan – the Telok Gadong Gang!! 🙂 Yes indeed, Klang has awaken from her beauty sleep but so have the crime! Eh, who say no more Ah Pek? Still got lah at the bak kut teh shops! They still have one leg on the floor while the other on the chair with their elbow resting on their knee and busy chomping away! Then hor, after eating, give theier nose a hard blow and then take toothpick dig, dig, dig and swallow back the pieces and then gargle their mouth with chinese tea! Then the tea cups hor, never wash wan until the next customer come, they just rinse it off with the boiling water!

  14. wonda says:

    Good thing I ate my dinner liao. Your description so vivid and ………… Yuck! Eh, char boh ah, you qualify to be a cartoonist or comedian . Don’t you agree, Julie? Once she gets high on blog, aiyo!

  15. ilene ong says:

    JULIE, tumpang ….. ALICE, zank q, zank q …. now must look for side income since I qualify as comedian. Cartoonist … hmmmm ….. cannot – that wan not my piece of work – curi people’s wan! hahahahahaha

    BTW ALICE, my description good lei … can make one vomit …. heheheheheeeee

  16. Judy Leese says:

    Ilene aiyoh….I agree with Alice lah. Read already also want to throw up. Eeewwww….what lah you.

    Just last week, my colleague Delia (I call her Lydia – spoonerism), told me that her husband and her had to entertain some business men from China and she thought they were utterly disgusting digging their teeth with toothpicks.

  17. kakteh says:

    This brings back memories of eating crab sambal in klang ! I wannna go home!!!
    btw, thanks for the visit.

  18. heavenlydew says:

    Julie, I got a question for you, how do you like using wordpress for your blog? Is it user friendly?

  19. Firehorse says:

    Sorry, Julie the above is me,

  20. tunkuhalim says:

    Hi Julie – I too yearn for thing past. Why oh why did they knock down Bok House in Jln Ampang.? Nice blog. Am going to blogroll you if you don’t mind.

  21. Yee,Julie says:

    Tunku, My pleasure and tks for the nice comment.

  22. wonda says:

    Thanks for your comments on my travel story etc… Miss you. Just to say thank you, please hop over. Chit chit chom! (aiya, this font is too small, have to close my eye to type)

  23. moviemania says:

    Wonda, I m hopping over right now.

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