Fish in a glass tank

My office is a one-storey buliding built in a shape of an inverted T , unlike t-junction you encounter on the road. It is surrounded with glass-panes. No matter where you are, of course minus the “loo”, you are like a “koi” peeping out from the tank. Reminds me of the story of Red riding hood and the ugly wolf. “Oh what big eyes you have grandma”, said little red riding hood. “To better see you with”, cried the wolf. This could be my ex-boss intentions for all we know. As more and more office workers find themselves stuck in 4 concrete walls, for us it was a blessing in disguise.

This is what we get to enjoy everyday:

Morning – birds with colorful feathers chirping, singing or pecking away at the fruits on the trees or on the grasses. On bad days, the birds commit suicide when they mistook our window panes for their landing rights and with a “thud” drop “dead” or fainted.

Iguana, snakes and monkeys are common sights. Sometimes the iguana or monitor lizard with their long slim body and short legs crossing your path in their slow gait when you swear under your breath “move faster, move faster”. Or a snake flatten like pancake when our driver rolled over it in their haste. Dont play play with our monkeys. Besides scavenging our garbage bins, they have a jolly good time swinging from trees to trees like tarzan, and even carted away our durians meant for the staff’s durian fests.

In front of the office entrance, there is a well-kept garden cum field with beautiful landscape. Here is where we hold our sports and games. And it is a good spot to snap a picture or two as momentos, esp. trainees from outstation and overseas.

About moviemania

Mission work in Kuching, Sarawak & Climbed Bako National Park, seen the largest proboscis Climbed the Great Wall of China & serenaded by Ku Nian along Yangtze River Sailed the River Nile Walked in the footsteps of Jesus, crossed River Jordan into Israel, the Holy Lands Mission work in Talugtug, Philippines Mission work in Toowoomba, Queensland Mission work in Kalaymyo, Myanmar
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2 Responses to Fish in a glass tank

  1. alice says:

    Hello Nemo! No. 1 to be here. Happened to pass by. Very busy these days with MIL’s matters. Your office is in the suburb? I am very scared of monkeys. They are a menace in one of the tourist spots here. Hey, a monkey got into my house years ago though we live in town area. Will tell you about it when I’m free.

  2. Yee, Julie says:

    Al, glad u are no.1. Our office is in Sg. Buloh, famous for its nurseries n plants AND the leprosium centre. So we used to be surrounded by the Forest Reserve, oil palm trees etc…and we have a big field in front of our office porch, where we play sepak takraw, badminton and held our sports/family day.

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