Bak Chang(Rice dumplings in hokkien)

chang-zongzi.jpgToday is Chang day, the Dragon Boat festival for the chinese. Even though we dont pray, my mum used to pak chang(wrap rice dumpling) for us to eat and give to our relatives and friends. Now she’s too old to carry on making this delicay, so I thot’ its time to show off my skills, after years of observing my mum doing it.

My chang leaves and the strings to tie the chang are still lying around somewhere in my kitchen. That is called procrastination. Last Saturday I was all fired up to carry on the family tradition of making my own chang, with my favourite flavors and whatnots. But a scout at the night market for the ingredients put a stop to any hope of me sampling some nice changs. The prices for the nuts, mushroom and even the salt eggs have escalated. Hoping to get a taste of the chang from my office colleague, I was disapponted. She thought the same, ” Do it after the chang festival, when the prices of things drop”.

These days it’s so easy to get recipes to make chang, if you are first timers:

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30 Responses to Bak Chang(Rice dumplings in hokkien)

  1. alice says:

    In my years of living here, I only tried once and that is only with two or three ba changs cos of leftover glutinous rice and recycled ba chang leaves. Edible, though. But no way, I am going through that hassle again. The ba chang in Chinatown and supermarket here tasted different from back home. Natsukashii! (Nostalgic!)

  2. moviemania says:

    Alice, Agreed. Most people stop making chang due to the hassle and long hours of boiling. Easier just buy them .

  3. mrshbt says:

    Dear Julie,

    Alice (Wonda) just introduced me to your blog. How are you? My name is Lee Ping.

    I “browsed thru a few of your recent articles” and I read .

    Are you from Klang? I am from Klang. I was born and raised there till 17 years old. I came to the US to study and have been here since. I am married with 3 children (ages 9, 6 and almost 2).

  4. Yee, Julie says:

    Hi mrshbt, glad you drop by. I’m fine. Yes, I am Klang bred, still residing in, but have dreams of a small cottage mansion somewhere….haha. esp. since my Ah Pek town has been in the radar too often, not for good things but you name it, we have it. Going to blog on that if i have the time. Wonda is a busy but lovely lady who makes time for us.

    wonda, tks. for diverting traffic here.

  5. mrshbt says:

    Wonda was one of the first people that kept me writing. No one would leave comments and I wasn’t sure if my articles were being read, but Wonda (and Kenny) both consistently leave encouraging words for me. I am eternally grateful to both of them.

    You still live in Klang? My aunt lives in our old house in Taman Gembira. Our neighbour used to an Atok who was 80 years old. He remarried a 30 year old woman and even brought a son to this world. This Atok if he is still alive probably would be 100 by now. I need to ask my Mom what is going on with our neighbors. My parents are in Australia now. They will come and visit me in August and stay for 2 months. They want to stay longer but my 3rd sister need Mom to care for her newborn. My 3rd sister is working full time at the hospital.

    What do you mean by “since my Ah Pek town has been in the radar too often”?

  6. moviemania says:

    mrshbt, friends who have left klang and moved to more upper-class city used to joke about klang being Ah Pek(meaning chinese men with their old mercedes, slow pace, money come in no go out). Just 2 days ago hit the front page paper again , so many stories, crimes, corrupt councillars. Its like playing shares in the Bursa saham. ITs the days’ most active counter.

  7. mrshbt says:

    Thanks MovieMania for the explanation!

  8. alice says:

    Ahem! Somebody mentioning me? My ears are itchy oredi wor! Wah, so many bloggers from Klang hor – You, Lydia, Judy, Ilene, and Lee Ping. Eh, you all from the same clan ah?

  9. alice says:

    All of you from the same bunch of ba chang? Hehe! Sedap!

  10. alice says:

    Oops, I mean same part of Klang, not clan.

  11. Yee, Julie says:

    helllo Alice,
    Now you believe what I wrote – Klang famous leh. Clang, clang…..

  12. mrshbt says:

    Dear Julie,

    Since you are from Klang, I am proud to tell you that I am the granddaughter of the late Lee Boon Teh. My Grandpa started Klang Bah Kut Teh. They lived in the old long Atap next to the railroad in Klang.

    By the way, back to the photo. I use blogspot and picassa. Blogspot is the same editor that Alice is using. Picassa is a free tool by google. Picassa does take up a lot of memory on the computer, so you need to have enough disk space in order for it to work. The nice photos that you see on my blog were all done by Picassa. Then cut and paste into wordpress. I learned all these tips from blogger friends and friends.

  13. Judy says:

    Julie, wah, long time no blog and then suddenly how many in one go. Sure full of surprises. Have you finished reading Snowflower and the Secret Fan and writing, is that why now so ‘eng eng’?
    By the way, just to inform Alice as to why Klang was named Klang. Klang was famous for her clams (see hum) and when you have lots of see hum in a big basket, it makes a lot of clang, clang sound…thus the name Klang. :))
    What kind of chang will you be making? I love bank chang and nonya chang.

  14. Yee, Julie says:

    LeePing, I stayed in Teluk Pulai and used to go to the railroad for the famous ice kacang. Now I also live a walk away from Tmn.Gembira. You saying your grandpa stays near the railroad, coming from which direction ah? so sorry to hear he’s gone, or else can do a write-up on his famous bah-kut-teh.

    Judy, sooooo good to blog with you again. Book about to finish. Stale blog so pei seh, so cepat cepat post. I try preserve the chang till we meet…..


  15. mrshbt says:

    Dear Julie,

    I lived in Klang for 17 years and I did not even know the history of see hum clang clang. Thanks Judy for the information, now I can tell my kids. My Dad and I wrote an article on my grandfather’s famous Klang Bah Kut Teh. This article is on my blog.

    I think I have an aunt living in Teluk Pulai. That name sounds familiar. Is there an Indian temple at the entrance?

    I would not know which direction to go to my Grandpa’s house but I know that when I was in Kindergarten, I walked to my Grandma’s house from Convent Klang school. They have a railroad behind their house. I don’t think anyone lives there anymore because it is a very very old house. I have to ask my Mom. In front of their house was a warehouse. Ah Mah used to make Poh Piah and Bah Wan for all of us to eat.

  16. ilene ong says:

    JULIE, I have posted a comment here a few days back but I don’t seem to see it here. What do you think happened to it lei? I seem to be having the same problem at Lydia Teh’s blog too.

  17. alice says:

    Clang! Clang! Wah, this Ilene’s ears so sharp. I see almost all the Klang “clangs” are here except for Lydia.

  18. ilene ong says:

    Clang, Clang Japan. Klang members holding MCC meeting! Wait lah, after all members come oldei, then we shall clang clang for Chairwoman in Japan to come in lor. See, my ears bellie sharp wan! 😆

    JULIE, by chance are you the one that has been visiting my mum? My mum is confused by all your names! 🙂

  19. mrshbt says:

    Clang! I’m still here…

  20. ilene ong says:

    Lee Ping, see we’re all here but where’s the owner of this ‘house’ eh?!

  21. alice says:

    Either she is still down with the cold OR she pak bak chang for us to eat? Eh, why the picture of the bak chang looks like ketupat and uses red strings wan? Klang Bak Chang?

  22. Yee, Julie says:

    CLANG CLANG!!!!!SORRY, owner fixing some bugs hahaha. All Welcome.
    Ya, Ilene I have been having chats with your mum but down with flu this 2 weeks.Dont want your mum to get infection from me. Will visit her this week.
    LeePing, You like my house? Can we sing Buai bak chang.
    Alice, thanks for helping me “Open house”.

  23. ilene ong says:

    JULIE, you’re too kind. Ya, get yourself fully recovered first. Get a good rest. If you’re not feeling up to it yet, don’t force yourself. Mum is ‘busying’ herself with the new maid currently! 7:30 p.m. is mum’s massage time so make sure you don’t catch her with her sarong down! 😆

  24. alice says:

    It’s a small world and thanks to blogosphere!

  25. mrshbt says:

    Dear Julie,

    I am singing Buai Bak Chang and Siou Bak Chang. By the way, Alice brought up a good point the Bah Chang looking like ketupat and red string. I don’t know about the chang looking like ketupat but I know that in the US, the red string is not good. I use cotton string. A little more expensive but at least my Chang water do not turn all red on me.

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  27. julius says:

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