A full time working mum(FTWM)

Judy has me tagged. Sometime backI submitted a 600 words contest on “Must women give up their jobs to be good parents” to qualify for a free one day seminar organised by eHomemakers.

I am all for woman who sacrificed their jobs, some high paying careers for their children. You don’t want to look back and said, “I should have spend more time with them etc….”. And a part-time job would be ideal too. Of course there were times I told my husband he should have work for his business man father so that I too can be a SAHM but….

Some of you have the luxury of being a PTWM, SAHM, TTWM. Sadly I don’t. Before I even finished my last piece of exam paper, I had to hit the street to look for a job. So except for the holidays that I looked forward to and the annual leave, most of my life is spend working, working and working. The day God send Adam and Eve to till the ground, instead of having a life of luxury, both man and woman got to spill sweat to enjoy the fruits of their hard labor(for woman – labor pain).

The only occasion I did part-time work was during my schooling days, if that is considered part-time. Its not juggling between baby sitting and work. Rather its juggling between schooling and earning some pocket money to pay for my school fees. I have neither position nor title in my years as a worker but I could write a whole book on the Many faces of Malaysian bosses.

The names given to each of these bosses defines whether he is a favourite among his/her staff. We have the Square head, the Fish in the glass tank, the Mamak, the China Ah Pek, the Kopi kaki, the Monk, the Egostic, James Bond and Hally Berry. We even have the Power Crazy lady boss. I remembered Anita Bruzzese who wrote “45 things you do that drive your boss crazy and how to avoid them”. I could write a possible sequel to that : “45 things you do that drive your staff crazy”. Who would want to read such a book? The bosses would be quick to point a finger at us and said “”you are the not-so-stellar worker, the stupid worker who could not write a proper letter “. Like Anita was quick to mentionif you dread going to work, you may need to stop blaming the boss and start seeing yourself as part of the problem” -quote.

For a mere RM3 during the 70s , you have to face a lady boss who is all sweet and loving on the line with the male clients, and turned into stepmother as soon as she hangs the phone.

If you have a boss who has not has his morning fix of coffee, pray your intercom does not buzz. You are in hot soup.

But not all bosses fall into the naming category.We have the exception – the boss who always sees the good side of you. The boss who does not keep scores and the boss who treats you like just like family.

If you have anything that you like to share on what type of boss drives a worker crazy, any personal experiences, I would like to hear so I have tagged the folllowing:

1. Alice

2. LeePing


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13 Responses to A full time working mum(FTWM)

  1. Judy Leese says:

    Julie, very interesting. Well done, **clap, clap**.
    I didn’t realise that you had to work the minute you finished your last exam paper. Mind you, now that your children are all grown up, working life keeps you mentally active and good interaction with others apart from church friends and relatives.

  2. alice says:

    Haha! So the tag on SAHM, PTWM, FTWM and TTWM stopped here and changed direction. Alamak! You tagged me! Scratched my head as to apa nak tulis………… Ilene, help!!!!

  3. mrshbt says:

    Dear Julie,

    Thanks for the tag. I should have some things that I can share because I was a Full Time Working Mom before.

  4. Yee, Julie says:

    Judy, thanks for the tag and I have tagged another three bloggers. Like Alice says, I have changed the tag line, so now the ball in ALICE, LEEPING, FIREHORSE. Let them scratch their hair out ho ho ho!!

  5. tunkuhalim says:

    Julie – My old boss was very nice but he spent so much time talking on the phone that I ended up doing most of the donkey legal work. No fun!

  6. Yee, Julie says:

    Tunku, Any chance you want to share your experiences? You can send to my personal mail. Thanks.

  7. mrshbt says:

    Dear Julie,

    I just got your comment. You mentioned that you tried downloading photos but failed? Do you have a blogspot account now?

  8. mrshbt says:

    Here’s a link to help u start.


    In order to upload photos to blogspot, you must have a blogspot account. The Picassa tool will work with blogspot. With Picassa, you can then manipulate your photo sizes and even create photo walls or photo grids.

    I am not sure if my way is the best way but it is the only way that I am familiar with. If you find some other better way to post different sized photos on wordpress, please feel free to let me know. 🙂

  9. yee, julie says:

    Lee Ping, I did go to blogspot and notice its like signing up for a blog site. I was told using adobephoto shop also helps. I have to try again. Thank you so much for your help.

  10. mrshbt says:

    Dear Julie,
    OK. Let me know how it goes for you. I haven’t forgotten your tag. We are battling with stomach flu at the moment. Thank God, I am a Stay Home Mom, otherwise, my work will be affected….

  11. mrshbt says:

    Dear Julie,

    How are u? I completed my tag this morning. Thanks again for the tag.

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