Enchanting Malaysia-Tioman Island


Mersing Jetty, Pahang.



My colleagues and I cruising to Maritime Park &Pulau Renggis for our snorkelling experience


For R5 you can camp here, surrounded by sand and sea and sunshine while enjoying a round of drinks.

About moviemania

Mission work in Kuching, Sarawak & Climbed Bako National Park, seen the largest proboscis Climbed the Great Wall of China & serenaded by Ku Nian along Yangtze River Sailed the River Nile Walked in the footsteps of Jesus, crossed River Jordan into Israel, the Holy Lands Mission work in Talugtug, Philippines Mission work in Toowoomba, Queensland Mission work in Kalaymyo, Myanmar
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3 Responses to Enchanting Malaysia-Tioman Island

  1. alice says:

    Wah! Congrats! First time to post so many photos. Never been there yet. Got nice colorful fish or not? Eh, which one are you in the snorkelling gear? The one lying on the floating platform and leaning over?

  2. moviemania says:

    hi Alice, the first time I learnt to breathe thro’ a tube! I am hanging for life at the side while my friend tries to watch over in case I disappear under…..There are millions of fishes but the corals are not so beautiful. Heard going extinct. Better visit soon, else you see more dead corals when it is low tide.

  3. alice says:

    Haha! Kiasu and kiasi!

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