The Best of Tunku Halim-44 Cemetery Road

I love Tunku Halim’s44_cemetery_road22.jpg stories – eventhough it is fiction but many aspects of his tales can say to be taken from situations around us. Some we hear but never really seen with our own eyes. He makes it so real and frightening that I would not want to dabble in, even if I am very much tempted. There are so many good ones but here it is, my 3 favorites:

44 Cemetery Road

It’s so common to hear the young people say, ‘It still don’t know what to do” or “I’m undecided”. They are at the prime of their life, death seem so distant. But when we crossed the 50s, 60s or 70s time is precious. Sleep elude us, sometimes comes unexpected and you find us nodding off at odd hours of the day. If only I could be young again, if only I could live forever, never growing old. If someone offers you the magical potion for the exilir of life, would you take it? Tunku Halim offers you that if you follow him up that hilly road……..

Four numbers(5328) for Eric Kwok

I don’t know about the Indians and the Malays, but I can vouch for the Chinese people. They can be obsessed with NUMBERS. When it comes with buying a car, the number plate is very important. Why? My boss drives a BMW, his wife drives a Peugeot. “If someone is tailing me”, he says, “the first thing he will read is “my number plate”. So imagine if your number plate has numbers “444” that rhymes like “death” or “9” that could mean “dog’s life”? Sooner or later, bad luck sure come lah. When it comes to the date and year of one’s birth, your house number, date for one’s wedding, the Chinese tends to take this seriously. It could make or break your success in life. But when it comes to buyng empat ekor all races are the same. Their purpose is “to get rich”. Find out whether Eric’s number came out in the draw…..

Night of the pontianak


Tunku Halim’s book “44 Cemetery Road” brings back so many tales I heard and watched when I was growing up. Among the toyos and orang minyak, one of them was the Pontianak show I watched over at my friend’s place. The black and white T.V screen makes it scarier. When the show is over, usually around midnight, I run home for my life. That is what Azman did. Got into his car and drove like a lunatic to get away from ………Pontianak is coming, pontianak is coming. And don’t think the cross or amulets you wear or the Quran you hold can ward of Tunku’s Pontainak.



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10 Responses to The Best of Tunku Halim-44 Cemetery Road

  1. alice says:

    Wah, you so fast updated already ah? And I so fast came already. Hehe! From snorkeller to book reviewer? Tunku Halim should come and read this. Good one, Julie!

  2. Yee, Julie says:

    Al, I so fast, you faster leh. Play catch catch eh? You are one friend I know keeps my blog alive. I appreciate each time you drop in. Thanks pal!

  3. FireHorse says:

    I saw this book when I was back but did not get around to buying it, sigh, I should have.

  4. Yee, Julie says:

    FH, Tunku’s writings are clear and very descriptive. Makes good reading.

  5. FireHorse says:

    Julie, hop over when you can I have some thing for you :o)

  6. Yee, Julie says:

    FH, wah award? I quickly run there…..

  7. tunkuhalim says:

    Hello Julie, A huge thanks for doing a review of 44 Cemetery Road. I didn’t know about this post, otherwise you would have gone into my favourite tales competition. And you might very well have won! Perhaps you’d like to do an entry for my latest book? It’s called “Gravedigger’s Kiss: More of Tunku Halim”. I’ll be doing another competition for it. Yes, “4 Numbers for Eric Kwok” and “44 Cemetery Road” are also my favourites. I’m also very close to “Night of the Pontianak”. Good choices!

  8. Yee, Julie says:

    Hi Tunku, My pleasure. I wish I have more hits and can help to promote your books. Definitely I try to get my hands on your upcoming book. Congrats! Will you be going around to promote your latest book and signing?

  9. tunkuhalim says:

    Every little bit helps so thanks again! I plan to be back in January. I’m thinking of doing a book launch, but we’ll see. But definitely a book signing!

  10. alice says:

    You have a long lasting promotion of TH’s book. You deserve a prize lei! (just pulling your leg!)

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