A-night at the backpackers

Roughing out(thats what my two fellow travelers will say) at the backpackers is not everyone’s cup of tea, esp. if one is so used to the comfort of a hotel plus service. But with food and fuel hike at its peak, my suggestion to put up at the backpackers during our trip to Brisbane sounded like a smart move.

The first sign that it was not a smart move came from the cab driver. Before dropping us off, she shook her head with disapproval and asked us repeatedly whether we would like to go someplace better. We shook our heads and take what the devil has to offer. 

We were left to drag our 20kg travelling bag up a flight of stairs to the reception and check-in counter. An American African, called himself Moses greeted us with a wide smile and a set of white teeth.





Pretty nice looking right? Some travelers have been staying in this place for months, working for 3 hours daily to get their free stay. We were given a quad-sharing room,  just next to the reception.  There were two double-decker bed, that comes with mattress and pillow. If you need a blanket, just another AUD1.00. Especially with a fan just above your head, you need more than just a blanket to keep warm. 

A British girl, about 20 years of age was there before us. She left a visible shilling in the middle of the bed, slightly covered with a piece of her clothing, trying to test our honesty. We likewise kept our suitcase locked at all times. With all the going-ins and out and people talking in the wee hours of the morning, we hardly slept a wink. By then we had to be up to check-out and catch our coach to Gold Coast. 

Imagined us being picked up by some handsome young whites!!! Honestly, some young guys invited us for a night out when they found out we were staying at the same backpackers. If we were 20 years younger, hmmmmm……….. Anyway, I love Brisbane: the Botanical gardens, the famous Story and Victoria bridge where its opened to pedestrians; the Queenslander Clubhouse, the Treasury building, walk the famous Roma street or ride the free City Bus shuttle….. One day is too short to enjoy everything Brisbane has to offer. Definitely going back there again.






Boats anchored at Victoria harbour


  A Nepalese house nestled within the Cultural & Arts Centre

About moviemania

Mission work in Kuching, Sarawak & Climbed Bako National Park, seen the largest proboscis Climbed the Great Wall of China & serenaded by Ku Nian along Yangtze River Sailed the River Nile Walked in the footsteps of Jesus, crossed River Jordan into Israel, the Holy Lands Mission work in Talugtug, Philippines Mission work in Toowoomba, Queensland Mission work in Kalaymyo, Myanmar
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6 Responses to A-night at the backpackers

  1. ag says:

    Hey, pal! Is this on the way to the Toowoomba trip? Nice pic and write up. “We hardly slept a wink” – oops, somebody snored!

  2. ag says:

    Btw, you 6km city finally stretched to thousands of km city!

  3. yee julie says:

    Hi Pal! Actually, Toowoomba first, then Brisbane. will blog abt. Toowoomba next. Noone snored. since our dorm was near the check-in counter, we could hear all the going-on throughout the morning and the young lady coming back in the wee hrs…

  4. Amir Safa says:

    I live in Brisbane for one year.Brisbane very beautiful city and I wishful I come back to


  5. Yee, Julie says:

    Hi Amir,
    Where did u hail from? Am glad to make ur acquaintance. U r so blessed to get to live in Brisbance. Please let me know what other places of interests I have missed out. Maybe I can look it up on my next trip.

  6. stugod says:

    nice to see ya again

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