Road to Nahor-The Match-maker(Gen 24:)

When a couple utter those final words, “I do, I do”, it is a legally binding vow that they take each other for good or bad. It is to be “Till Death Do Us Part”.  So finding the perfect match is of utmost importance. During my mother’s era, finding a partner is mostly done through the match-maker. There are certain criteria and qualifications that my grandparents set for the match-maker. 1) he must be from a good  home 2) Physically fit  3) pleasant personality 4) respectful to elders

Today we take the road to Nahor to meet the Match-maker. 

As he set off on the road, the mammoth task he carried on his shoulder must have weighed heavily on him. He was Abraham’s most senior servant who was in-charge of all that Abraham had. He could easily tell you how many servants or number of sheep Abraham had, if you want to know. He could probably tell you the extent of Abraham’s wealth or what time Abraham had his meals or his likes and dislikes. But today,  he is the Match-maker for his master’s son, Isaac.  

What made Abraham entrust such a job to a servant of his household? Is there no one amongst his relatives who are more capable and qualified than this servant?

For Abraham to send him,

1. he trusted in the Lord to provide. Verse 7: it says, ” the god of heaven who took me from my father’s house swore to give him and his descendants this land. He will send his angel ahead of you to prepare the bride”.

 What does a man look for in his bride? To the servant, his master told him the type of wife he wants for his son.

Conditions : 1) never take a woman from the Canaanites   2) never send Isaac to go there because he remembered God’s promises that thro his seed, or offspring, Lord will give him this land 3)the woman must be humble, showing hospitality even to a strangerf  4) must be willing to follow her husband, an respectful & obedient wife.

Abraham trusted the servant with his choice.

Abraham trusted him to obey his request.

Abraham trusted him  with his faith.

What made the Servant’s chose the right wife? He prayed before he began his journey. He prayed his Lord to provide , to guide him to the right path (vs 27.  Blessed be the Lord God of my master Abraham who has not forsaken His lovingkindness and His Truth toward my master as for me the Lord has guided me in the way to the house of my master’s brothers)

And when he finally found the right wife for Isaac, in Vs 48: he ended his journey with a praise and thanksgiving and acknowledged that God is the One who guided him to the right path.

“And I bowed low and worshipped the Lord and bleesed the Lord, God of my master Abraham who had guided me in the right way to take the daughter of my master’s kinsman for his son”.

No matter if you are a lowly person, a servant, or the rich man or one who has given everything to God or the position you hold in society or if you feel time is running, take the Road that God leads. You will not fall into a pit! 



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2 Responses to Road to Nahor-The Match-maker(Gen 24:)

  1. al says:

    A good piece. If only I am not unequally yoked as till today. Partners who are lukewarm about our beliefs are harder to pull them to Christ. But there is always hope.

  2. al says:

    Keep writing. That way, you won’t lose touch on writing and your stories might be food for thoughts and lead someone to His road.

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