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Revolution – A World Mission(Transform your walk, transform the world).

Eat,Pray & Love.

Dont Tell Mummy by Toni Maguire (a true story of ultimate betrayal)
The girl who play with fire
The girl with the tatoo

The Best of Tunku Halim-44 Cemetery Road

I love Tunku Halim’s stories – eventhough it is fiction but many aspects of his tales can say to be taken from situations around us. Some we hear but never really seen with our own eyes. He makes it so … Continue reading

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Dragonfly-messenger of the dead

The story continues….. Thus Trudie began  journey to Singapore but was sadly told upon arrival by her husband’s manager Rhys that he had died two days ago in some remote place out of Malacca.. So, stubborn like a mule and refusing … Continue reading

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A Messenger of death

The edges of the pages had turned brownish and the book looks like it has seen better days. This is the condition of Elizabeth de Guise’s book on “The Flight of the Dragonfly”, first published in 1990 by the Grafton … Continue reading

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For one more day

Mitch Albom’s book “For one more day” is so ordinary (hardcover only available at RM69 but my son bought it, so must be good) that anyone who read it cannot be blamed for thinking “I could write that book”. STOP! … Continue reading

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